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En bref : Scott Lynch sort de sa tanière

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Les en bref, ce sont de courtes news que l’on ne traite pas dans les colonnes de Fantasy.fr pour diverses raisons (faute de temps, pas assez d’informations, trop éloignées de la ligne éditoriale du site) mais qui méritent tout de même un certain éclairage. 
Après avoir passé plusieurs mois sans donner signe de vie, Scott Lynch, l’auteur de la très bonne série Les Salauds Gentilshommes, va se rendre à une convention. il y signera des bouquins, participera à des conférences et animera lui-même une table ronde comme il l’indique sur son LiveJournal :

The Armadillocon ComethWhee. Had some anxiety issues recently that have kept me quiet. But time and important events are catching up with me, and it’s time to put on my fighting trousers and get to postin’.
This weeks’s first bit of big news is that I am returning to ARMADILLOCON, in hot but lovely Austin, Texas, from Thursday the 25th to Sunday the 28th. All of my scheduled things are lined up for Saturday, and they are as follows:
SIGNINGSaturday, 11:00 AM – NoonDealers’ RoomL. Donahue, M. Fletcher, S. Lynch, A. Marmell, P. Sarath, L. Thomas
READINGSaturday, Noon – 12:30 PMPecos
Just me!
If there’s still time after the reading, I will return to the Dealer’s Room and be available there until 1 PM.
PANEL: Class Issues In SF/FSaturday 3:00 – 4:00 PMSabineJ. Lansdale, S. Lynch, M. Maresca, W. Shetterly*
From working class heroes to emperors, they all have a place in sf/f. How are their differences most effectively shown in sf/f?
PANEL: The Second Book is Always the HardestSaturday 5:00 – 6:00 PMSabineA. Downum, S. Leicht, S. Lynch*, A. Marmell, J. McDermott, S. White
Authors often spend many years producing their first book. And after it’s finally sold and published, they’re usually asked to produce another in a much shorter timeframe. Our panelists have recently gone through this process (or are going through it now) and can provide insights.
*Hey, I’m moderating a panel for the first time ever! Dissent will be crushed! All shall kneel and beg for absolution… it shall not be granted! All this, and possibly cookies.
PANEL: Wiscon and Elizabeth Moon: What Happened and What Can We Learn from It?Saturday 8:00 – 9:00 PMTrinityE. Bull*, S. Leicht, S. Lynch, L. Person, C. Rambo, L. Thomas
Elizabeth Moon was invited and announced as Guest of Honor for the 2011 Wiscon, but the invitation was withdrawn following a noteworthy blog post she wrote. What were the issues, and was the situation handled appropriately? How do we avoid similar situations? 


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